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thisoneGetting you from Good to Great

Good2gr8 Coaching was established in Australia in 2007.  It's purpose is to provide quality transformational coaching to individuals and groups around the world.

Our coaches are experts in process rather than content.  This makes us unique and sets us apart from "Life Coaches".  Our clients come to us for coaching in a variety of areas.  The most common topics include bullying, personal, business, sports, children & teens and relationship coaching.

Good2gr8 Coaches use a unique coaching methodology called Neuro-Semantics.  Neuro-Semantics is a mixture of Neuro-Linguistic Programing, Developmental psychology and Self Actualizing psychology.

Good2gr8 Coaches differ from "Life Coaches" as we focus on higher thoughts, beliefs and meanings.  We also explore understandings, expectations, thinking patterns and values.

In addition to coaching, Good2gr8 also offers training and workshops.

Our mission is to harness your strengths so that you can be unleashed to reach your fullest potential!